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Sugar 'n' Spice: Being naughty is *so* nice!

*Princess Decadence*

Sindy Rella
1 May 1974
"I asked Mr. Wrangle what you were like. He said you were hornet juice and rosebuds in a container of gazelle meat. He does speak colorfully, doesn't he?" - Tom Robbins, "Still Life with Woodpecker"

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adventure, almost famous, arts and crafts, bar hopping, barenaked ladies, beaches, beetles, being in love, bill o'reilly, boots, boston, butterfly chairs, cabrio, calla lilies, camping, candles, candy, cats, chai tea lattes, charmed, children, chocolate, circus, clothes, color, cooking, corto parade, crafts, csi, desperate housewives, driving, ethan hawke, family, fashion, flaming june, flea markets, flowers, fondue, fox news, friends, fun, furniture, great expectations, gwen stefani, hair, hannity and colmes, hartford, hello kitty, hiking, howard stern, humor, ice cream, ikea, incense, indigo girls, interior decorating, jamie oliver, jay and silent bob, jettas, jewelery, joe boxer, joy, juggling, julia roberts, keith and the girl, kevin smith, kids, kramer, lambda, laughing, learning, leather, lesbians, love, magic, makeup, mary englebreit, mary higgins clark, masturbation, men, modeling, money, movies, music, naked chef, new york, new york city, newbury street, newport, oceans, office space, old navy, oliver's twist, p.f. chang's, paperweights, paul simon, perfume, peter gabriel, photography, poetry, politics, popcorn, prayer for owen meany, presents, purses, reading, republicans, saturday night live, say anything, scrabble, sean hannity, seinfeld, sex, shoes, shopping, silver, simon and garfunkel, simon birch, singing, skiing, sleeping, sleeping beauty, south park, spanking, starbucks, stephen king, stuffed animals, surprises, swimming, tag sales, that 70s show, the 80s, the beatles, the osbournes, the yankees, theater, tori amos, travel, trivia, trivial pursuit, true hollywood story, victorias secret, volkswagon, walking, washington d.c., watercolor painting, wine, women, writing, zoolander